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Architectural Illustration

The RWA Architecture Prize 2018

Since the 1850’s the Royal West of England Academy has held an Annual Open Exhibition, bringing together an exciting collection of work by artists from across the globe.

Although architecture has always played a central role in the exhibition, this year for the very first time the RWA partnered with the Architecture Centre to establish a specific award recognising works in the profession. The Architecture Prize attracted an amazing variety of work from digital sectional perspectives and hand drawing to physical models and schematic diagrams.

After a lengthy selection process it was amazing to discover that ‘Sketchbook of an Architecture Student’ had been selected for the 166th annual exhibition. It was even more of a surprise to learn that my work had been awarded second place in the first ever Architecture Prize!

The Architecture Prize 2018

‘Sketchbook of an Architecture Student’ is collection of original hand drawn illustrations complied over a 9 month period whilst studying at the University of Bath. My final Master’s thesis was based in Porto and the drawings formed a basis for understanding the character of this beautiful city, from the narrow cobbled streets and undulating topography to the intricate tiled facades that adorn many buildings throughout Portugal. Working in-situ and from photographs, the illustrations attempt to capture delicate craftsmanship as well as highlighting the severe levels of architectural decay throughout the city.

Sketchbook of an Architecture Student

Sketchbook of an Architecture Student

According to chief judge Elena Marco from UWE Bristol, “The decision was unanimous by all judges, the winners marked themselves out by their outstanding attention to detail and communicated what architecture is and can be’'

The Architecture Prize 2018

The winner of the prize, José Garrido created a series of beautifully crafted jewel-like models. The intricately made ‘Architectural Portraits’ use familiar gestures to capture basic architectural principles: void vs mass, blurred boundaries, tension vs compression, aperture vs enclosure.

Our work alongside other beautiful pieces is on display at the RWA, Bristol until 25th November 2018. You can read more about the event and competition here

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