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RIBA Silver Medal 2016

When you first go to Architecture School, it doesn’t take long to hear about the RIBA President Medals. As you walk through the exposed concrete corridors of Alison and Peter Smithson’s 6East, the work from previous winners and nominees is proudly displayed and acts as a benchmark for future students (which is incredibly intimidating as a first year architecture student who is just about getting to grips with a mechanical pencil!)

First established in 1836 they are the oldest RIBA awards and regarded as the most prestigious international awards in architectural education. Every year each university nominates four projects for the Bronze and Silver Medal – two from the undergraduate course and two from the masters’ course, respectively. The nominees are invited to an annual awards ceremony where the winners are announced and receive their medals from the RIBA President.

After 6 years of hard graft at university it was incredible to be nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal and represent Bath University internationally. Below are a few extracts from the entry - to see the full online submission check out the Presidents Medals website here.

The Proposal

The Approach

Site Sectional Perspective

Framing the Spectacle

The Studios

Two good friends from Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios were also nominated for the Bronze medal. It was great to meet up at the RIBA headquarters in London and share this prestigious experience together!

The RIBA Presidents Medals 2016

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