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D R A W I N G   A R C H  I T E C T U R E


Celebrating the Design Process

When your final drawings are exhibited at the end of year show, it is easy to forget about the hundreds of sketches that preceded them. Quite often the development drawings are lost and the design process is simplified to a few polished images. For me, the most enjoyable aspect of design is exploring the multitude of possible options, testing ideas and experimenting.


Drawing Architecture is celebration of the design process; documenting over one thousand individually hand drawn ink diagrams, sketches and annotations. The piece spans ten years of architectural thinking and includes work from my time at Bath University, competitions and live projects at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios.  This unique illustration is now available to buy as limited edition print via the shop section above.

Awards & Exhibitions

world-architecture-festival 1.jpg

TBW Drawing Prize Exhibition 2019    

WAF Amsterdam Exhibition 2019


World Architecture Festival

Drawing Prize Commendation 2019

John Soane Museum.jpg

Sir John Soane Museum, London 2020



Sketching the City

The beautiful city of Porto is characterised by intricate tiled facades, narrow cobbled streets and undulating terracotta roofs that spring up from the Douro Valley.


These original hand drawn illustrations were compiled over a 9 month period and attempt to capture the essence of the city. Compiled into a single sketchbook, the drawings were created both in-situ and from photographs.


The collection includes iconic streets such as Rua da Fonte Taurin, distant views from the Sé do Porto and a selection of 96 façade tile patterns. One of the most beautiful libraries in the world, Livraria Lello is also featured through an extensive highly detailed internal perspective.

The hand drawn illustrations are now available to purchase as limited edition prints via the shop section above.

Awards & Exhibitions


Royal West of England Academy Open Exhibition 2018      

Architecture Centre BW.png

The Architecture Prize: Second Place



Celebrating Landscape

‘Fields’ offers a unique abstract perspective of the expansive Wiltshire countryside. Following a detailed study of large scale agricultural mark-making, the piece attempts to celebrate the man-made manipulation of the natural landscape. The entirely hand drawn piece abstracts familiar rural patterns to create a ‘patchwork- quilt’ of interlocking fields and pastures.

The piece depicts the extraordinary Neolithic Avebury henge as well as the prehistoric artificial chalk mound Silbury Hill. To the south, the 180 feet high Alton Barnes White horse is captured on the southern slope of Milk Hill.

4 0  F R O N T  D O O R S

Bath & Frome

Front doors are one of the most fascinating aspects of buildings. It is a concept that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, with each period in history reflecting its own individual style. From early antiquity to Greek and Roman, to Saxon and Gothic to Georgian, Victorian and modern; each has left their own individual mark on the evolution of the doorway. As well as communicating a great deal about the history of architecture, they can often reveal stories of the individuals or families living inside.  Through elaborate forms, complex patterns and intricate mouldings, they were an outlet for showing off good taste, wealth and individuality.


40 Front Doors of Bath combines a mixture of elegant Georgian Townhouses, such as no.17 Gay Street, no.23 Royal Crescent & no. 20 The Circus. It celebrates the monumental architectural craft of Bath Abbey, Victoria Art Gallery and the Guildhall. It was also important to highlight some hidden gems in the city, like ‘Good Hope Prior Park Cottages’ and ‘Holy Trinity, Church Road’.

40 Front Doors of Frome captures an equally delightful range, including the Italianate Grade II listed Frome Museum, the beautiful Old Church House and Rook Lane Chapel on Bath Street.


Black Swan Arts 02.jpg
Black Swan Arts 01.jpg

Black Swan Arts Open Exhibition


Sketching the City

The magnificent UNESCO world heritage city of Bath contains some of the finest Georgian architecture in the world. Whilst studying and living in the city for the past 10 years, its magnificent architectural backdrop has provided endless sketching inspiration.


The collection ranges from the monumental Royal Crescent and Circus to the iconic Roman Baths and Abbey. Other pieces include hidden gems like the award winning Ralph Allen’s Townhouse as well as illustrations of Bath’s industrial heritage.

TAG 01.jpg


Georgian Group BW.jpg

The Georgian Group International Measured Drawing Prize: High Commendation 

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